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News May 2014

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John A. Schuster, Descartes Agonistes: Physico-mathematics, Method and Mechanism 1618-1633

(Springer, Dordrecht) xix + 631pp. + 69 figures, has appeared, See:


Substantive Reviews:

John Henry, ‘review of Descartes-Agonistes’, Intellectual History Review 2013: 23:4, 586-589, DOI:10.1080/17496977.2013.846998

Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis, ‘Reworking Descartes’ mathesis universalis’, to appear in Metascience; published on–line 25 June 2014; DOI: 10.1007/s11016-014-9904-9

Maria Rosa Massa Esteve, ‘review of Descartes-Agonistes’, Zentralblatt MATH Database 1931-2014; vol 1279.

Or Zbl 1279.01004

The open access textbook on this site, "The Scientific Revolution" has been extensively revised for its translation into Chinese by Professor An Weifu and its publication by the Shanghai Scientific and Technical Educational Publishers. This has now appeared:

John A. Schuster [2013] 科学革命: 科学史与科学哲学导论. (上海科学技术出版社, 上海) 520pp. + 129 figures. ISBN 978-7-5428-5670-8 [The Scientific Revolution: Introduction to the History & Philosophy of Science. Trans. An Weifu (Shanghai Scientific and Technological Education Publishing, Shanghai)]

Anyone wishing access to any of the revised chapters in their English forms should contact me directly.  The chapters on this site have not yet been updated.


Also recently published:

J.A Schuster [2013] ‘Cartesian Physics’ in Jed Z. Buchwald and Robert Fox (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of the History of Physics (Oxford, OUP), pp.56-95 .

J.A. Schuster and Judit Brody [2013] ‘Descartes and Sunspots: Matters of Fact and Systematising Strategies in the Principia Philosophiae’, Annals of Science 70 (1):1-45.   (March 2013 selected as one of  ‘70 key papers’ to celebrate the 77 years and 70 volumes of this journal.)

J.A. Schuster [2013] ‘What was the relation of Baroque Culture to the Trajectory of Early Modern Natural Philosophy’, in O. Gal and R. Chen-Morris (eds.), Science in the Age of Baroque, (Archives internationales d’histoire des idées 208), pp.13-45.

J.A. Schuster [2012] ‘Physico–mathematics and the Search for Causes in Descartes’ Optics—1619-37’, Synthèse 185: 467-499. (published online DOI 10.1007/s11229-011-9979-4).

J.A. Schuster [2012] ‘Pierre Duhem and Alistair Crombie Revisited: Or, How to Recover the Formative Role of Medieval Catholic Natural Philosophizing in the Rise of Modern Science’, in B. Coman (ed.), The Christian View of History and the Revival of the Liberal Arts (Conor Court Quarterly Special Edition 5/6),  pp.167-182.

J.A. Schuster [2012] ‘The European Birth of Modern Science: An Exercise in Macro and Comparative History’ (Essay Review of H.F. Cohen, How Modern Science Came into the World), Metascience 21 657-665. [Published on line 27 March 2012, DOI 10.1007/s11016-012-9645-6].

Forthcoming in the the Cambridge Descartes Lexicon (CUP) ed. Lawrence Nolan to be published late 2014/early 2015: articles ‘Hydrostatics’, ‘Physico-Mathematics’, ‘Light’, ‘Vortices’, 'Kepler' and ‘Magnetism’.


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