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Name:Descartes "Opticien" 1618-1637

The penultimate pre-published version of J.A.Schuster, “Descartes Opticien: The Construction of the Law of Refraction and The Manufacture of its Physical Rationales 1618-1629”, which appeared in Stephen. Gaukroger, John A. Schuster and John. Sutton (eds.) Descartes' Natural Philosophy: Optics, Mechanics and Cosmology (Routledge, London, 2000), pp. 258-312. Final pagination inserted in brackets throughout. Section 5.2 mentions that the argument concerning the timing and manner of Descartes’ discovery of the (cosecant) law of refraction of light can be supported by the reconstruction of the genealogy of Descartes’ lens theory in the period 1627-37. That work has now been done in detail and is present elsewhere on this site, under Research in Progress, as the pre-publication posting of Appendix 1 of the ms. Descartes Agonistes—Physico-Mathematics, Method and Corpuscular Mechanism 1618-33, titled: “Descartes, Mydorge and Beeckman: The Evolution of Cartesian Lens Theory 1627-1637”


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