Natural Philosophy, Experiment and Discourse: Beyond the Kuhn-Bachelard Problematic. Schuster and Watchirs (1990)

John Schuster and Graeme Watchirs, ‘Natural Philosophy, Experiment and Discourse: Beyond the Kuhn-Bachelard Problematic’ in Experimental Inquiries: Historical, Philosophical and Social Studies of Experimentation in Science, H.E. Le Grand (ed), (1990) pp.1-48 Initial foray into issue of post-Kuhn/Bachelard history of emergence of new experimental sciences. Improved and corrected in later works, starting with ‘Aristotelianism and its Alternatives’ (here in research section) and still under study in a monograph in progress. See also review essay of A. Chalmers, One Hundred Years of Pressure, in book reviews section.

Published by Dr. John A. Schuster

Honorary Reader, School of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Sydney and Honorary Research Fellow, Campion College, Sydney, and Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. I have published extensively on Descartes, the Scientific Revolution, the myth of scientific method and historiographical issues.

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