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The site ‘Descartes-agonistes’ has moved here to Word Press. All previous articles are present here in a more clear and accessible fashion, along with a few new items not able to be published on the old website in recent months. For example, my recent review of Alan Chalmers’ One Hundred Years of Pressure, and my […]

Schuster. The Real Descartes Stands Up, Nacht van Descartes, University of Utrecht, October 2008

Invited public talk, concluding the afternoon session of the ‘Nacht van Descartes’ of the University of Utrecht, Descartes Centre for the History of the Natural Sciences and Humanities, 2 October 2008.  Full title Descartes agonistes: The ‘Real’ Descartes Stands Up–How the agendas, identities, rebellions, successes, failures and delusions of ‘youth’ (1618-33) generated the historians’ mature Descartes.

Schuster Organizing the Experimental Life at the Early Royal Society, Ghent 2008

This paper invited by the Centre for the History of Science, University of Ghent, is based in part on work originally pursued with Dr Alan B. H. Taylor. It examines how knowledge claims were manufactured and communicated at the early Royal Society. We examine the Society’s organisationally sedimented patterns of decision-making and action-taking. This cuts across […]

Schuster 2018 Review of Alan Chalmers 100 Years of Pressure

John Schuster (2018) Review of Alan Chalmers, One Hundred Years of Pressure: Hydrostatics from Stevin to Newton. Dordrecht: Springer, 2017 Annals of Science 78: 145-148. On the issues raised here about the rise of experimental sciences and roles of natural philosophy in the Scientific Revolution, see also Schuster and Watchirs 1990 in research section, as […]

Did Descartes Teach a Philosophy of Science or Pursue Strategies of Natural Philosophical Systematization. Schuster on Desmond Clarke (2017)

This is the penultimate pre-publication version of John A. Schuster, ‘Did Descartes Teach a ‘Philosophy of Science’ or Implement ‘Strategies of Natural Philosophical Explanation’?’ in Stephen Gaukroger and Catherine Wilson (Eds.) Descartes and Cartesianism: Essays in Honour of Desmond Clarke, OUP, 2017, pp.3-25. Page numbers in brackets indicate page numbers in the published version. This paper […]

Influenced by Practical Mathematics, or Appropriating Elements From It? Case of the Young Descartes. Schuster 2017.

Final pre-publication version of J.A. Schuster (2017) ‘Consuming and Appropriating Practical Mathematics and the Mixed Mathematical Fields, or Being “Influenced” by Them: The Case of the Young Descartes’ in Lesley Cormack, Stephen Walton and John Schuster (Eds.) Mathematical Practitioners and the Transformation of Natural Knowledge in Early Modern Europe, Dordrecht, Springer pp.37-65. An historiographical exercise […]