Schuster Review Essay on H. Floris Cohen, How Modern Science Came into the World: Four Civilizations, One Seventeenth–Century Breakthrough, Amsterdam, 2010.

John A Schuster (2012) ‘The European Birth of Modern Science: An Exercise in Macro and Comparative History’ (Essay Review of H.F. Cohen, How Modern Science Came into the World), Metascience 21 657-665. Posted here is the extended version, roughly 1000 words longer. Additional passages, not in the Metascience version, appear in blue.

Published by Dr. John A. Schuster

Honorary Reader, School of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Sydney and Honorary Research Fellow, Campion College, Sydney, and Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. I have published extensively on Descartes, the Scientific Revolution, the myth of scientific method and historiographical issues.

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