Did Descartes Teach a Philosophy of Science or Pursue Strategies of Natural Philosophical Systematization. Schuster on Desmond Clarke (2017)

This is the penultimate pre-publication version of John A. Schuster, ‘Did Descartes Teach a ‘Philosophy of Science’ or Implement ‘Strategies of Natural Philosophical Explanation’?’ in Stephen Gaukroger and Catherine Wilson (Eds.) Descartes and Cartesianism: Essays in Honour of Desmond Clarke, OUP, 2017, pp.3-25. Page numbers in brackets indicate page numbers in the published version. This paper raises issues and challenges, which I leave to the reader, concerning the ways in which an historian might write the history of early modern natural philosophizing, compared to the manner in which a philosopher might do so. See also in the ‘Book Reviews’ Section my essay review of Clarke’s biography of Descartes.

Published by Dr. John A. Schuster

Honorary Reader, School of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Sydney and Honorary Research Fellow, Campion College, Sydney, and Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. I have published extensively on Descartes, the Scientific Revolution, the myth of scientific method and historiographical issues.

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