Descartes on Sunspots—Facts and Systematizing Strategies in His Principles of Philosophy. Schuster and Brody 2013

Penultimate pre-publication version of John A. Schuster and Judit Brody (2013) ‘Descartes and Sunspots: Matters of Fact and Systematising Strategies in the Principia Philosophiae’, Annals of Science 70 (1):1-45. (March 2013 selected as one of ‘70 key papers’ to celebrate the 77 years and 70 volumes of this journal.)

Baroque Culture and the Trajectory of Early Modern Natural Philosophy. Schuster 2013

J.A. Schuster, ‘What was the relation of Baroque Culture to the Trajectory of Early Modern Natural Philosophy’, in O. Gal and R. Chen-Morris (eds.), Science in the Age of Baroque, (Archives internationales d’histoire des idées 208) (2013), pp.13-45. This is the penultimate, pre-publication version, templated for ease of reading and printing. The entire volume was […]

Draft Introducton to Thematic Section in Synthese on Seeing the Causes in Baroque Optics

In April 2012 Synthese published a ‘Thematic Section’ of three papers dealing with ‘seeing the causes in Baroque Optics’ a part of the Baroque Science Project conducted between 2006 and 2009 by Ofer Gal, Raz Chen-Morris and colleagues in the School of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Sydney These papers are: •Ofer Gal and Raz Chen-Morris, ‘Nature’s drawing: […]

Beyond Duhem and Crombie. Recovering the Role of Medieval Natural Philosophy in the Rise of Modern Science. Schuster (2012)

The penultimate pre-publication version of my paper, ‘Pierre Duhem and Alistair Crombie Revisited: Or, How to Recover the Formative Role of Medieval Catholic Natural Philosophizing in the Rise of Modern Science’ Connor Court Quarterly No.5/6 December 2012, pp.167-182 Printed pagination in brackets. The paper is an experiment in historiography. It explores what, if anything, can today be […]

Schuster Review Essay on H. Floris Cohen, How Modern Science Came into the World: Four Civilizations, One Seventeenth–Century Breakthrough, Amsterdam, 2010.

John A Schuster (2012) ‘The European Birth of Modern Science: An Exercise in Macro and Comparative History’ (Essay Review of H.F. Cohen, How Modern Science Came into the World), Metascience 21 657-665. Posted here is the extended version, roughly 1000 words longer. Additional passages, not in the Metascience version, appear in blue.

Essay Review of Desmond Clarke, Descartes A Biography. Schuster 2009

Appeared online in Journal of Historical Biography 5 (Spring 2009): 48-83. Extended critique of Clarke on Descartes’ early scientific career foreshadowed arguments in my Descartes-agonistes (2013). This review should be compared with more sympathetic approach to other parts of Des Clarke’s legacy in Schuster paper ‘Did Descartes Teach a Philosophy of Science or Pursue Strategies of Natural […]