Beyond Duhem and Crombie. Recovering the Role of Medieval Natural Philosophy in the Rise of Modern Science. Schuster (2012)

The penultimate pre-publication version of my paper, ‘Pierre Duhem and Alistair Crombie Revisited: Or, How to Recover the Formative Role of Medieval Catholic Natural Philosophizing in the Rise of Modern Science’ Connor Court Quarterly No.5/6 December 2012, pp.167-182 Printed pagination in brackets. The paper is an experiment in historiography. It explores what, if anything, can today be […]

Descartes on Vortical Celestial Mechanics. Schuster 2005

Penultimate version of published chapter: J.A. Schuster, “‘Waterworld’: Descartes’ Vortical Celestial Mechanics–A Gambit in the Natural Philosophical Contest of the Early Seventeenth Century”, pp.35-79 in Peter Anstey and John Schuster (eds.) The Science of Nature in the Seventeenth Century: Patterns of Change in Early Modern Natural Philosophy (Springer, 2005) (pages in published version entered in brackets)

Aristotelianism and its Alternatives. Schuster 2002

Penultimate version, prior to translation into Italian for publication as Chapter 27 in Daniel Garber, ed., L’Età della Rivoluzione Scientifica (Vol 5. of Storia della Scienza Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, 2002) pp. 337-357.  Intended title in English was, ‘The Organisation of Knowledge: The Grand Programs of Natural Philosophy and the Rise of Disciplinary Differentiation by […]

How Descartes Discovered the Law of Refraction and Constructed its Mechanical Rationales. Schuster 2000

The penultimate pre-publication version of J.A.Schuster, ‘Descartes Opticien: The Construction of the Law of Refraction and The Manufacture of its Physical Rationales 1618-1629′, in Stephen Gaukroger, John A. Schuster and John Sutton (eds.) Descartes’ Natural Philosophy: Optics, Mechanics and Cosmology (Routledge, London, 2000), pp. 258-312. Final pagination inserted in brackets throughout.Section 5.2 mentions that the […]

Natural Philosophy, Experiment and Discourse: Beyond the Kuhn-Bachelard Problematic. Schuster and Watchirs (1990)

John Schuster and Graeme Watchirs, ‘Natural Philosophy, Experiment and Discourse: Beyond the Kuhn-Bachelard Problematic’ in Experimental Inquiries: Historical, Philosophical and Social Studies of Experimentation in Science, H.E. Le Grand (ed), (1990) pp.1-48 Initial foray into issue of post-Kuhn/Bachelard history of emergence of new experimental sciences. Improved and corrected in later works, starting with ‘Aristotelianism and […]